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  1. In which way does Pease differ from Cuke4duke?

    While Cuke4duke is a solution to bring Cucumber to the JVM using JRuby, Pease is a Groovy based compiler that uses Gherkin (Cucumbers business DSL) and Spock step definitions to generate Spock tests. You can think of Pease as Cucumber for the Spock framework.

  2. In which way does Pease differ from Cucumber-JVM?

    [to be done]

  3. I want to contribute something, what should I do?

    Great! Please fork Pease on GitHub and send a pull request. You can find additional infos in the contribute section.

  4. What about the name? Did you misspell peace?

    Pease is a recursive acronym for "pease acceptance testing spock extension". Wikipedia claims that pease was the Middle English noun for the vegetable pea (a green vegetable like cucumber). And last but not least: Yes, it reads almost like "peace" and is the link to Spock, the eponymous Vulcan for the Spock framework.

  5. How was this documentation build?

    This documentation was build using Bootstrap, Jekyll and Haml. You can view the sources in its repository.